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HTC 10th Anniversary Celebration Report

Monday, July 20, 2015

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Celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary Wednesday, July 8th 2015

Tommy Battle at Huntsville Tennis Center

Mayor Tommy Battle participated in an tennis exhibition, along with Joc Simmons (HTC Director), Jim Daniel (Director of HTC Board of Control) and Kim McCandless (HWTA President). Mayor Battle officially stated 6 more clay courts will be coming next year!

Kim McCandless, President of HWTA had this to say:
The Huntsville Women’s Tennis Association (HWTA) and Huntsville Area Tennis Association (HATA) played vital roles in helping with this effort. Thank you to all who donated, and participated in fund raisers! Our tennis community and Board of Control is outstanding. Both Joc and Tani are doing so much for the Huntsville Tennis Center, which means it’s just going to continue to grow and shine. HTC celebrated 10 years, but HWTA is celebrating 48 years!
HWTA is more than just an association – HWTA ladies are passionate about tennis, caring, social network, perceptive, not afraid of challenges! 2 more years and you all can help us celebrate 50 years!

We would like thank everyone for their support!!!! Together we will continue to grow!!!

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