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New Rates Effective January 1st 2016

Thursday, November 5, 2015

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New Rates Effective January 1st 2016

Individual Court fees $7.00 for 2 hours of play

Annual Pass Rates Effective January 1st 2016

You may purchase an Annual Pass at the old rate NOW thru December 31st 2015. This will mean a new pass number will be assigned and will go into effective at date of purchase. The previous pass purchased will expire. Individuals will use the new pass number when signing in.

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS Effective January 1st 2016

Individual under the age of 60

Individual the age of 60 and above

FAMILY PASS = $560.00
Couple under the age of 60, living in the same household with shared address. Includes children in the same household under parent supervision, sponsorship and income.

Couple the age of 60 and above, living in the same household with a shared address

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