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HTC Court Expansion Update

Thursday, February 25, 2016

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Court Expansion Update

This is a good time to remind all of you to consider donating to the HTC Court Expansion Project. We all know we are 100% utilized in the evenings, but with the USTA leagues that play during the day along with HWTA Round Robins on Tuesday, Wednesday, and the regular men’s groups that have standing court times, courts are becoming hard to get during the day. With more courts, scheduled league rounds will not have to be reduced and still be able to finish leagues on time.

Remember: Just like in tennis where every game counts, in this fund-raiser every dollar counts. All donations are tax deductible and there are donor recognitions at different levels of donation.

The city has contracted with an Architectural firm for Phase 1

The Phase 1 plan is to build:

  • 6 courts west of courts 3, 4, and 19
  • Estimates are that we are about $50,00 to $70,00 short
  • Status is $510,000 including tennis community and city combinged
  • We are working to solicit additional donations
  • Plans are to issue construction proposal requests in June/July timeframe


HTC Court Expansion update – May 7, 2015





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