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Parking Lot Security

Friday, February 26, 2016

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This is a reminder for all customers and tennis players!!!

Unfortunately, the HTC parking lot is a target for theft and vandalism this time of year, as well as other parking lots all over the city. We highly recommend to keep all your valuables and personal items hidden and locked up at all times. Ladies if you have purses, please keep them with you during your match times. Please do not leave them in your car. Huntsville City has a security guard that will be driving through our parking lots to help with any unusal activity. To help this situation, security will question anyone hanging out in cars and in the parking lot. We apologize for any incidents that have occured during your visit at our facility.

If an incident occurs, please alert the inside employees so we can keep a reported file in our office. The Huntsville Police Department non-emergency phone number is available inside the office if you need an offical report.

Thank You Management

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