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John Hunt Park’s tennis court expansion

Monday, March 13, 2017

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June 2017
  • Contractor selected
  • To begin construction in June
May 17th, 2017
  • Bidders Pre Bid meeting held Tuesday May 16th
  • Court contractor selection planned Tuesday May 23rd
  • Court construction planned mid June


July 8th 2016 update

SUMMARY from July 6th meeting with city officials

  • 90% Design for 6 clay courts complete
  • 100% Design complete by end of July
  • Improved drainage
  • Improved lighting (16 lights per court vs current 8)
  • Architect and city cost estimate significantly higher than available funds
  • Plan is to contract for 6 court infrastructure and 2 completed courts
  • Option for 4 and 6 courts (this allows as much as our current funding, and to be prepared to complete Phase 1 as funds become available
  • Insufficient funds to include a restroom at this time
  • Plans provided to USTA for possible $20k to $40K support (review could take up to 3-4 months)
  • Contractor prequalification required to assure quality experienced clay court contractors
  • September to be earliest construction start date



May 25th 2016 Update
  1. Completed 60% design review
  2. Cost Estimate is more than available funds
  3. The Phase 1 plan is to
  4. Build infrastructure for 6 courts
  5. Build as many courts as $$ allow
  6. We are working to solicit additional donations
  7. plans are to issue construction contract in July time frame



To the Tennis Community,You may or may not have heard of the Mayor’s plans to revitalize John Hunt Park. The web site below shows it in detail.

One of his proposals is to expand the number of tennis courts at the Huntsville Tennis Center so we have the ability to host larger tournaments and allow our league play to continue to expand.

The website allows you to register and vote for each piece of the Mayor’s proposals.  Most importantly for us, is the question “Add tennis courts to John Hunt Park”.

The Tennis Center Board of Control has already been working with the Mayor to add courts to HTC.  A landslide approval for this measure will help our argument.

If you can, please help us, spread the word to as many members of the tennis community as possible and ask them to vote to add courts to HTC.   “”

Under “what we are discussing” on the left hand side of the page, click on “tennis” to add your feedback and post comments.

Portait Map = Huntsville Tennis Center court expansion area

City overall area of John Hunt Park expansion.



Current Court Lighting
  • Replaces all lights and cleaned lenses on court 6 & 7 (which improved lighting levels from 29 to 60 ft candles.
  • Plan is to replace all lights and clean lenses on all courts by year end
  • A periodic replacement policy to be established on all court lighting

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